Lazy afternoons

Sunday afternoon, all the little tasks around the house are done, and Monday is well, tomorrow, take a break, warm some milk, stir in conifer syrup for a little sweetness, grab cookies, the book you are reading, and have some me time. Perfect.

First Choice for Pine Syrup

Ion Syrup took its debut at the recent London Restaurant Event in Olympia London. We were very proud to be on display with other artisan produce offered by First Choice Fruit and Produce Ltd of New Covent Garden Market. Ron Maxfield introduced potential clients to the many culinary uses the Pine Syrup has and with…

Enjoy Ion Syrup Shots

Enjoy the Ion Syrup Shots Leave the frosted dusk at the door Walk to the warmth of your fire place Bring your thoughts to your heart Spend your evening in a Transylvanian way

Iced tea and lemon lime cordial with Pine Syrup.

Today was hot and I made iced tea but not with honey or sugar, but Pine Syrup as its blends well with black tea and does not sink to the bottom. We take this with us when walking to give us a little energy boost and a cool drink at the same time and it…

Lemon Summer Shot.

Some lemons in the fridge and the sun setting today was a chance to try out a quick photo session to capture my favourite summer drink – lemonade. Steeped lemons in boiling water after squeezing as much juice out as possible, a dash of pine syrup for a tangy aniseed flavour, as honey makes it…

A long, cool summer drink.

A long, cool summer drink. Classic Indian Tonic Water, a splash of Ion Syrup and a few sprigs of mint. Add strawberries, other sliced fruit and serve with crushed ice. ♥