First Choice for Pine Syrup

Ion Syrup took its debut at the recent London Restaurant Event in Olympia London. We were very proud to be on display with other artisan produce offered by First Choice Fruit and Produce Ltd of New Covent Garden Market. Ron Maxfield introduced potential clients to the many culinary uses the Pine Syrup has and with…

Fruits of the Forest

The wild plants of the forests provide us with some wonderful flavours – in this dessert, wild brambles and mountain firs, their tiny bud tips from which our sweet syrup is made. On a long hot summer, a fresh, cooling yogurt served with hand-picked brambles, sharp and tangy, with Ion Fir Tip Syrup soaked walnuts…

Pine syrup chocolate treat

For a light dessert but with a touch of alcohol, layer a cream liqueur, swirled with a little sour cream to contrast and top with rich dark melted chocolate to which pine syrup is added for a tangy aniseed twist. Choose a good quality chocolate with high cocoa content. The pine syrup will sweeten a…

Pine syrup tangy orange layer dessert

Christmas flavours of pine, orange, cloves and cinnamon layered with Mascarpone. Warm a couple a tablespoons of pine syrup per small glass with a cinnamon stick and a few cloves. Cool a little and pour into glasses, layer with cool Mascarpone and top with an orange liqueur. Add some orange crystallized sugar and serve whilst…

Valentine Cheesecake

Celebrate with a rich and creamy vanilla cheesecake on a crunchy biscuit base.   Add pouring syrup – Ion Pine Cone Syrup – rich, tangy with a hint of fig and spice. Simple and sweet. If you want to add fruit and a splash of red, go forest berries, passion fruit or strawberries. Enjoy ! ♥

Sweet strawberry treat.

Strawberries with a drizzle of Pine Syrup and Balsamic vinegar. That’s it – simple. ♦

April Fool.

Last minute simple, slightly sweet dessert to serve at a summer party, after a slightly rich main or for an afternoon high tea? A fruit fool is quick to make and stores well until you’re ready to serve. All the odd fruits you have left blend up, leaving the skins on for taste and texture….