Syrup for Sharing

Combine flavours with textures, creamy with crunch, sweet with salty.

Earthy mushrooms with dates, apricots, orange and pistachios.  Rose petals add fragrance to the Conifer Syrup. Lightly stir-fry the ingredients, take off the heat, add a little of the syrup dressing and fold into brown rice with nutty wild rice for crunch. Serve with a raw green salad. The dressing is Conifer Syrup and a dash of tamarind sauce.  You may add some chopped chilli for heat.


Stilton, roasted vines tomatoes with cured meats, peppers and sweet plumbs with a drizzle of Conifer  Syrup infused pears and dates. Just add a selection of flat breads. Soft cheeses and goats cheeses work extremely well with their bitter citrus balancing the sweeter fruits.



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