Warm Garlic For Winter

Roasted garlic is lovely in winter.  Its soft creaminess adds a earthiness to roast potatoes, roasted root vegetables and white fish.  A couple of pre-roasted cloves, lime and black pepper added to cod, wrapped in foil and baked for twenty minutes is quick and yet aromatic.

Black garlic is becoming popular.  These are white cloves slowly cooked for a month to caramelize the garlics sugars till they turn almost balsamic in flavour.  Not wishing to wait a month, or buy these, we baked our garlic on low heat for half an hour, removed, poured over a mixture of conifer syrup mixed with a little balsamic, then continued to bake until the garlic was soft and creamy. This can be spread on toast, added to scrambled eggs, added to a home made pate recipe, or for pizza toppings.  If you want to stuff peppers, add this garlic to home made breadcrumbs, crushed chestnuts and a little chopped apple.



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