Sweet and Sour Marinade

I love the contrast of sweet and sour. It keeps the taste buds on alert and brings out the subtle flavours of seafood and fish.  This simple marinade uses our sweet conifer syrup, a squeeze of lime juice for sour, dill for aromatic and a very good balsamic.  Be careful with balsamic.  There are hundreds on the market and any that taste slightly vinegar should be avoided.  A good aged balsamic has a complex flavour of earthy, caramel, sharpness. It is pleasant taken neat and if not, avoid.  Anything strongly vinegar will kill the subtle flavours of the conifer syrup and nock out the lime and dill.  For a little heat ass a little finely chopped chilli to the heat level you like.  Leave the marinade in the fridge until needed.  You can also drizzle this onto baked salmon.  Add whilst cooking by brushing over the salmon steaks and re-cover to keep in the flavour.



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