Appetizers with Pine Syrup

The cocktail hour, time to taste a variety of appetizers before the main meal, and drinks to get the party started.  Cured meats, olives, cheeses, and vegetables in oils and vinegars – lots of variety to get the taste-buds working.  Often salty, or sharp, we added a little tangy Pine Syrup to give some  of the ingredients a little sweetness.

Taking a selection of savoury biscuits, sandwich together with a simple cream cheese to give a creamy texture to contrast with the crunch, and top with the following selection or be as inventive as you wish, matching your selection with the drinks being served.

  •  Tomatoes marinated in Pine Syrup with black pepper. Sweet peppers work well too.
  • Quick fried spinach leaves.  Once crisped, sprinkle with rough ground salt and a few drops of syrup.
  • Mushrooms quickly warmed through with olive oil, Pine Syrup and a little balsamic vinegar.
  • Cream cheese with sesame seeds and sunflower seeds toasted with Pine Syrup and sesame oil.
  • French Brie with a few drops of Syrup and dill seeds.
  • Salami, a good spicy one with a few drops of Syrup and one with a little cream cheese wrapped in the salami.
  • A hard cheese and a goats cheese with syrup and spicy peppercorns. Drizzle a little Syrup over the cheeses before serving.

Ion Syrup Antipasta 1



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