Ion Syrup Spiced Rice with Pork Meatballs for an alternative Christmas dish


Ion Conifer Syrups -Spiced rice

Hot and spicy rice adds a rich accompaniment to pork and herb meatballs and Pine Syrup glazed sprouts.  An alternative to the usual Christmas Roast. In a pan fry onions, garlic, diced peppers.  Add salt, pepper and pre-steamed and chopped carrots and parsnips. Then for heat add three tablespoons of paprika and one tablespoon of hot curry powder.  The rice will cool the spice, so don’t skimp too much.  Add chopped walnuts, turn down the heat and cook slow for ten minutes.  Meanwhile cook rice, brown or white.  Make a sauce of a couple of tablespoons Pine Syrup, dark soy sauce, juice of half a lime and add to the now cooked through vegetables and onions.  Cook for five minutes to allow the sweet sauce to caramelize a little . Add the drained rice, coat thoroughly in the sauce and turn off the heat, cover and leave for the flavours to develop.  Add chopped spinach and raw mushrooms for some bite.

Ion Conifer Syrups - Spiced Rice 2 Ion Conifer Syrups - Spiced Rice 3

In a pre-heated hot pan, add a little oil, and fry pork meatballs made simply for pork, herbs, chopped spring onions, until golden brown.  Add pre-cooked sprouts, a little salt, pepper and then a tablespoon of Pine Syrup to glaze. Ensure the meatballs an sprouts are coated  and then off the heat, let the meatballs and sprouts rest for a couple of minutes, then serve with the spicy rice.



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