Orange, sesame and Pine Cone Syrup oat bakes.

Orange, sesame and Ion Pine Cone Syrup oat bakes.

Simple and quick snack bars. Mix juice from one orange, a little orange rind, two large tablespoons of Pine Syrup, a handful of sesame seeds and a tablespoon of sesame oil and pour into a wok or frying pan.  Put on very low heat and add handful by handful rolled oats, stirring to combine and coat. Once slightly toasted and warmed through remove and spread on greaseproof paper on a large flat tray. Bake for ten minutes in a hot oven till starting to turn a deeper golden colour. Remove and then mark out into chunks with a sharp knife. Cool and harden a little in the fridge.

These oat bakes are not too sweet and the flavour of the sesame seeds works well with the pine and orange. The Pine Syrup is not as sweet as say using cane syrup or honey and these both have very strong flavours of their own, that can overpower other more subtle flavours. ♦


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