For adding flavour to your sauces – Pine Syrup.

For adding flavour to your sauces – Pine Syrup

You add herbs to oils, to salt, to vinegar for flavour. We wanted a flavoured syrup to use as a glaze for meat when roasting and also as a finishing ingredient in meat juices before serving as a simple sauce. The syrup imparts a lovely caramelized flavour and gloss and we found that strong herbs like mint and the peel of oranges and limes imparted a stronger flavour in the syrup than it did in oil. We used orange peel in oil and syrup here for a comparison test and mint in syrup, as it will go well with the aniseed flavour from the pine oil and will glaze a joint of lamb later.
Therefore a few hours before you need them, slice your fruit peels, garlics, herbs and even pepper and spices into a jar, pour over a couple of tablespoons of syrup, close and leave at room temperature or somewhere warmer if you can, and then baste your chicken, fish before roasting or grilling, or add to your meat juices just before serving as a light sauce. Add coriander infused Fir Cone syrup to foil wrapped fish with a wedge of lime, as this syrup has an underlying citrus oil that goes well with fish. Not such an exciting photo subject but will be great to cook with later. ♦


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