Lemon Summer Shot.

Lemonade summer shot (1) Lemonade summer shot (2)

Some lemons in the fridge and the sun setting today was a chance to try out a quick photo session to capture my favourite summer drink – lemonade. Steeped lemons in boiling water after squeezing as much juice out as possible, a dash of pine syrup for a tangy aniseed flavour, as honey makes it taste too sweet and you loose the sharpness, and with a slice of lemon positioned strategically, and a pinch of mint, we had the makings of a photo.
The hot lemonade kept steaming up the small bottle, and the glass metal handle got in the way – not easy this drink photography. Sun setting, quick rearrange, and I managed two finished shots. Only thing to do now is drink it. Lovely. ♦


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  1. I can feel the summer…


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